NDTnet - July 1996, Vol.1 No.07

Piezocomposite Transducers - a Milestone for Ultrasonic Testing

Author G. Splitt



Probes with composite transducers are a milestone for ultrasonic testing. As demonstrated by the examples, we can take profit from the piezocomposite features of high acoustic efficiency, low crosstalk, low mechanical Q, low acoustic impedance and mechanical flexibility to improve the overall probe performance. Especially, we gain high sensitivity in combination with well damped signals.

1. Introduction

2. Desirable Characteristics of Ultrasonic Transducers

3. Historical Design Perspective

4. Piezocomposite Material

5. Experimental Results

6. Conclusions

7. Literature

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Rolf Diederichs 1.June 1996, info@ndt.net
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